“As an ‘employee owner’ I feel more personally responsible to every customer.”
— Natalie, Receptionist

We are an employee-owned company

What does that mean?

In 2011 World Arts established an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). By definition, an ESOP is a qualified defined-contribution employee benefit plan designed to invest primarily in the stock of the sponsoring employer. In simple terms, company stock acquired by the ESOP is allocated to all participating employees within the company in the form of shares.

Conceived as a means of providing long-term employees with income after retirement, early adopters of the ESOP concept set aside shares of company stock to be given to employees when they retired. In 1956 formation of the first ESOP, called the “second income plan,” allowed the employees of Peninsula Newspapers to buy out the company founders. Today there are more than 6500 companies with ESOP plans in place, with more than 14 million active participants.

And, what does that mean for you?

As World Arts employees we have always believed in doing what is best for our company, which means doing what’s best for our customers. As employee-owners we each feel an added sense of responsibility, not just to this company, but to all who benefit from its existence.

Being an employee-owner is the heart of our company culture. It is what inspires us to provide that extra touch to our customer service. It is what allows us the freedom to work with you exactly the way we would want to be worked with. It is the pride we take in what we do for you. Because we know that at the end of the day, your success is our success.