Experience that counts

We believe it’s about more than just price when choosing a printer. It’s about all of the little things that occur, from the beginning of the process to the end, that mean more to a customer.

From the moment you contact us, until your project is in hand, we put our experience to work to make your experience not just successful, but enjoyable as well. Our Customer Service staff is eager to discuss how they can help make your project a complete success.

“Just so you know – when I tell you that you are the best team on the planet, I’m not just trying to butter you up. Thank you so much for making this very smooth. I’ve heard horror stories of years past with this project, but I never felt like we had a worry this year.”

“My thanks for your great help in getting our two largest projects completed. Between my forgetfulness and your patience, we got it accomplished. My thanks to the whole team at World Arts, beautiful product, great job. Thanks again for your help.”

“I am so delighted to be addressing cards today, thanks to you. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the level of heroic effort you made for us to get this back so quickly. What you did for us means a lot to me, personally. I wish there was a way I could more fully show my gratitude.  If World Arts ever needs a cheerleader, please let me know. I am glad to share my personal endorsement!!”


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Katie Bates

Quality Assurance/Customer Service Manager

As manager of the Customer Service department, I strive to guide my group to provide customers with individualized service in a team environment. That’s a fancy way of saying that each customer is assigned an individual CSR to move their job from intake into production. While each CSR applies their own skill set toward the task, they can also depend on the experiences and knowledge of others in the department to get the project in quickly and correctly.

We invest ourselves in the development of positive, long term relationships with our customers which, in turn, is our measurement of success.

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Kim Schulz

Customer Service Representative

Growing up in Spencer, and through the guidance of my parents, I learned the importance of preparation, perseverance, and respect.  I applied these values to my professional life by planning my activities for efficiency, working on my goals every single day, and always being mindful of others. My upbringing has completely supported my development, and I am thankful for it.

Working for World Arts, I am involved in Marketing, Public Relations and the Customer Service field. Being versatile and welcoming change has helped me grow with the company. World Arts is a top-notch printer; however, it is the people that set us apart from other printers. We build friendships, not customer lists.

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Darla Fields

Customer Service Representative

I believe that just about everything we do in life revolves around relationships and partnerships. I work with craftsmen who have decades of experience in the printing industry. I make it a point to get to know a little about each one of them – to build a connection and to better respect their perspective about our common goal of serving our customers.

Additionally, I’ve worked in a variety of industries with an even wider variety of people. No matter who they are or what they do, my goal is still the same, to help them achieve their desired outcome. That requires a mutual agreement to partner together to get the job done. In the end, it’s not just about printing a job for another customer. It’s about producing an outstanding product that we can be proud of and that our customers are thrilled to pass on to their intended recipient.

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Catherine Hewitt

Customer Service Representative

After a career of 30 years as a graphic designer I took some time and spent several months traveling and fulfilling my desire to hike the Inca Trail. Eventually, my pockets grew light and I became bored. Having always maintained an interest in offset printing, when the opportunity arose, I jumped at the chance to become involved in the industry.

As a Customer Service Representative at World Arts, I strive to provide all of my clients with quality service and products that are designed to meet their individual needs. All of us here work together in a professional, friendly atmosphere to make sure that your experience with World Arts, Inc. is a good, mutually beneficial one.


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Paul Bippus

Sales Representative

Having been in the printing industry for 35 years, I’ve been involved in all aspects of a company at one time or another, from production and sales to management and ownership.  Most of that time has been in outside and inside sales, quality control, customer service and problem solving.

This is the start of my fourth year as an outside sales/relationship manager for World Arts.  I have worked for a few companies over the years, and World Arts is by far the best of them all, including my own.  Here, the family atmosphere and the pride taken by all employees in producing every single job is phenomenal.  I truly enjoy fulfilling all my customer’s needs and making them happy. I can’t do that without the help of everyone involved.  With our expansion and new equipment this year, I am confident that we can continue to produce high quality and on-time material for all of our customers in the future.

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Cathy Fox

Sales Representative

With 24 years of experience in the printing industry my skill sets include sales, marketing, quality control, and customer service. I have an extensive background working with a broad range of clients, including industrial and manufacturing, marketing and mail providers, institutions, schools and small businesses. With a thorough knowledge of the commercial print industry, I am well equipped to direct your project to a successful completion.

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Sanford Gentry

Sales Representative